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Terms of Service

It is the goal of Luxury Picnic Spokane (LPS) to provide the upmost service and experience for the client. With that in mind, we cannot control many of the variables including but not limited to: the location, weather, and privacy. We ask that clients keep this in mind when booking. We also ask that you, the person booking the service referred to as CLIENT, assumes all inherent risk and responsibility for themselves and their guests when booking. Please share all information with your guests before arrival to ensure safety + the best experience possible. LPS is not responsible for any loss, be it physical, personal, monetary or otherwise. These terms are subject to change at any time, without notice.


The nature of the picnic is access to public spaces. The location selected during reservation is intended to serve as a guide and we cannot guarantee any location as they are all first-come, first-served. We may move your picnic, at our discretion, to provide the best experience possible. We may move a picnic for any number of reasons, some of the most frequent are safety, privacy (we cannot control who will be in a public space and when), and elements of change that will enhance your experience such as shade and views. Other reasons may apply. We cannot guarantee an exact location although we will do our best to acquire access. If we cannot garner access, we will set up in another suitable location nearby. We cannot guarantee privacy. All local rules, signs, laws and other permissions apply. One of which, glass and alcohol are prohibited at all state, county, and city parks.


The locations are generally deemed safe at time of booking but they each have their own risk and accessibility issues- please remember these are public spaces and we have no control over terrain, public use, weather, etc. Please let us know before booking if you require assistance in getting to a picnic location or if you require a specific type of equipment (table and chairs vs pillow seating.) Please be advised that many locations have rough, hard to access terrain including steep inclines, steps, grass, uneven pathways, sand, rocks and other barriers. Locations are often changing due to natural processes (wind, rain, wave activity, etc.) for this reason, we cannot guarantee access.ure to add any relevant details or information that you want to share with your visitors.


All reservations are weather permitting. In the event of a rain event, we will do all we can to accommodate a dry picnic either by moving to a covered location, providing you with a complimentary luxury awning/umbrella or by rescheduling to another day or time. LPS defines a “rain event” as being a 30% or greater chance of rain in the picnic location and time, up to 30 minutes before or after, as determined by Accuwether. A full refund will only be offered if CLIENT the does not wish to reschedule and this decision must be made within 24-hours of the picnic. CLIENT makes the decision to continue with picnic. If CLIENT requests to reschedule with a low chance of rain (29% or less) the cancellation policy below applies, please read to fully understand.


Please be sure to let us know 


Please only use these items in the manner which they were intended. CLIENT assumes all risk that is inherent when using furniture + decor items. Any missing items will be considered stolen property and fees at the discretion of LPS.



By asking the LPS team to take photos, you allow us to post on our social media accounts and any promotional materials we may produce in the future. All photos are the sole property of Rustic Roots Luxury Picnics and will be used at our discretion.

Parties of 13 to 24 people require a deposit of $400 due at booking and the difference tothe total is due 72-hours prior via payment through our emailed invoice. Those booking picnic for 13 to 24 promises to make prompt payment upon receipt of invoice.


You may cancel your picnic with the ability for a refund, depending on your picnic size. If cancellation is due to weather, please instead refer to the weather section, above. All other cancellation reasons are covered below.


Parties of 2 to 12 people: Full refund up to 72 hours in advance. 72 hours to 24 hours, a 50% refund is available. Cancellations within 24 hours and no-shows will not be issued a refund.


Parties of 13 to-24 guests: As mentioned under weather section above, we would love for your consideration to reschedule instead of cancel. Full refund of deposit up to 10-days in advance. Changes and cancellations made 9 days-72 hours days in advance, 50% refund of deposit is available. Cancellations within 72 hours will not be issued a refund.


Please only use these items in the manner which they were intended. CLIENT assumes all risk that is inherent when using furniture + decor items. Any missing items will be considered stolen property and fees at the discretion of LPS.

Cancelation, Company Credit + Refund Policy
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